Destination: Europe

Hello Everyone!

For those of you who do not know, I am leaving the country in 5 days to study abroad in Rome for an entire semester. That is 4 months of me wandering around Europe, not knowing where to go, eating yummy Italian foods, being a typical tourist, and maybe going to class every once in a while (just kidding Mom and Dad! I know school comes first :). Since I have never been out of the US before, I am excited and nervous at the same time. Studying abroad has been a goal of mine since I began college, and I couldn’t think of a better place than ROME, which is basically my dream city. I can’t wait for all the adventures that are about to happen.

Prior to my studies in Rome, I am going to Ireland with 4 other girls, which could be fun and slightly chaotic. Since we are students, we have very low budgets, and we will be staying in hostels and doing things on the cheap whenever possible. Hopefully, nothing goes wrong; I already had to spend two hours on the phone with the airport people and managed to book a hostel for the wrong days. Who knows what else could happen.

Studying abroad in Europe is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, so I am planning to do a lot of extra traveling and sightseeing on the weekends. I am especially interested to visit to Prague. We shall see! I will provide many updates on my travels through this blog, so you can have all the details.

I will miss all of my friends and family. Although I am worried that I might get homesick, I am traveling with some of my closest friends as company. Not to mention, my boyfriend is visiting me over spring break!

Goodbye, and please wish me luck.

This is where I will be living while I am in Rome.

Bernardi Courtyard2AA (1) Bernardi-front (1)

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