Dublin and Limerick, Ireland

Hello Everyone!

I am writing you from our sweet little bed and breakfast in Limerick, Ireland. Our place has a window wall and a balcony that overlooks the Shannon river, which is the longest river in Ireland. This makes for an incredible view, but it also makes our room a little chilly. Thus, I am all bundled up on the couch after a very exhausting but SUPER fun day.

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Yesterday was our first day in Ireland, a we spend it in Dublin at the Generator Hostel. This was my first experience staying in a hostel, and it was definitely an experience. Although our room was very cramped, the lounge area was spacious with a bar, a little restaurant, and plenty of young people hanging around. Our plane arrived at 9 am (I got my very first stamp on my passport!), and we spent the afternoon walking around Dublin especially around St. Patrick’s Cathedral. After we napped off the jet lag, we experienced some Irish night life! A man from our hostel was hosting a pub crawl, and he took us to five local bars and told us about the local brews. I am not much of a beer drinker (ok.. not at all a beer drinker), but I tried Augustine, Red Revolution, O’Hara’s Irish Stout, and of course Guinness. Our group favored the Red Revolution, but my personal favorite was the Guinness. The funnest part of the night was interacting with other members of our group who were a mix of Americans, English, and Irish. I heard a lot of memorable travel stories. We loved the new of the Irish sayings that we learned; “That is so class.” Overall it was a super eventful first day.

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Today, our group took a train to Limerick, Ireland. We had to walk all of our luggage (four months worth) for a quarter mile to our bed and breakfast, but the locals are so nice. A couple people actually came up to us and asked us if we needed help with directions, which is totally the opposite of how we thought locals would interact with tourists. This afternoon, we toured King John’s castle, which gave us a little background on the history of Ireland. At the end of the tour, we climbed to the top of one of the castle towers, and we got to see a gorgeous view. It was beautiful in every direction. None of the pictures that I took could do it justice. For dinner, we went to a local restaurant called Marco Polo. The place looked super fancy, and we wouldn’t have been able to afford it except that a lunch special was going on until 5 pm: one entree plus an appetizer for 10 euro! I ate A LOT.


My legs are sore from walking all day, but it was well worth it. Tomorrow we are heading to Lahinch, Ireland!

Thank you for reading!

image (2)
The whole group! Frances, Johanna, Me, Olivia, and Jessie
View from King John's Castle
View from King John’s Castle

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