Lahinch, Ireland; A Hidden Gem

Yesterday, our group explored the quiet Irish surf town of Lahinch. To us, the town resembled something out of a movie because it was so quaint and old fashioned. The owners of the hostel that we stayed at were extremely friendly. The friendliness of the Irish locals has been consistently surprised me throughout this trip. They are so hospitable and welcoming.

Although it was a little chilly, we have been blessed with wonderful weather so far this trip. We have had no rain! That is very lucky for February in Ireland. In Lahinch, we especially appreciated the sunny weather because we went to see the Cliffs of Moher. I didn’t know what to expect when hiking up to the cliffs, but I have to say that they were the definite highlight of this trip. The view was beyond gorgeous. I could have stared at the water forever.

20150204_123447 20150204_131224


Don’t worry Mom and Dad! I didn’t lean over the edge. Not like this…

20150204_133301 (1)

After all that walking, we went to lunch at a small local spot called Joe’s cafe. This had a really cutesy small town feel, and we stayed for a long time. I got hot tea to warm me up, and the server gave it to me in a cute red tea pot! I ate a giant Hawaiian “Toasty” and a huge brownie with ice cream. That became lunch and dinner for me. YUM.

20150204_174059 20150204_174104

Because our hostel was located right on the coast, we got to watch people surf, and I got to touch the ocean for the first time! Later some surfers offered to teach us, but we declined. The water was freezing! No way! Besides, we had more fun watching the sun set over the water.

I can’t believe that our little trip is almost over! We only have three more days in Ireland: two will be in Galway, and the last day is in Dublin again. It’s going to be hard to tear myself away from this beautiful and friendly country, but on the other hand, I can’t wait to start my four months in Rome!

Thank you for reading. To all my friend and family, I miss you!


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2 thoughts on “Lahinch, Ireland; A Hidden Gem

  1. Dearest Lizzie,

    I was at the Cliffs of Moore just a few months ago with Diann and Uncle (Father) Joseph. It is spectacular. I was delighted to read your blog. Love Grandma Ku.


    1. That is so amazing that you have been there! It really is spectacular. Thank you for reading. I miss you and the rest of the family a lot. Love, Lizzie


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