Rome-ing Around and Getting Lost

This week, I got lost in Rome for the first time, and it was terrifying.

I turned the wrong way to get home from the grocery store, and I ended up wandering around Rome all by myself for about two hours. My friends ditched me with all of their groceries in a ripping grocery bag because they refused to pay 8 cents for another plastic bag, so there I was sprint walking with both arms holding the¬†groceries and one hand clutching my purse as I got further and further from home. Soon, it was starting to get dark, and I knew that I was completely off track with know idea where to go. Finally, I came to my senses, and caught a bus that took me back to the metro station. I was in panic mode, but this nice British man started talking to me (in English!), and he offered to walk me all the way back to my dorm building. He even gave me another bag for the groceries that I was juggling. At that point, I was thinking, I found my guardian angel! I was so relieved, and he was cracking me up with his accent. “You have been lost this long, you poor thing… My Italian is rubbish, and I’ve been here four years!… You got to be careful walking all by yourself. I mean I’m a nice guy, but you have to watch out for the Asians.” Okay, so my guardian angel is a little racist… But, I got home safe and sound and having learned a valuable lesson.

2015-02-21 17.45.07
When I was lost, I ended up on a hill somehow and got to see this beautiful view.

There is nothing worse than feeling helpless and disoriented in a big city. It was horrible, but I am okay now! This experience made me feel a little “home-sick” for Ireland (strangely enough) because the people there were always so friendly compared to Italians who are a little less inclined to help lost tourists. Plus, the Irish speak English, which is always nice.

I am ready for more adventures! …and more gelato (just kidding, I have already had way too much).

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