Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend (I’m engaged!!!)

2015-03-15 17.54.43

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: I just got engaged in Rome!

If you can’t believe it, neither can I. My boyfriend traveled across the Atlantic Ocean and proposed to me! And I said YES.

Chris and I are getting married!

I’ve thought about this for a long time, but now it’s happening in real life.

Where to begin… Chris and I met in high school, and we have been dating almost 5 years now. When he decided that he was going to visit me in Rome, I was a little suspicious that he had bigger plans than just eating a lot of pizza and gelato (although, he did plenty of that too).

It happened the first full day that he was in Rome. I was taking Chris on a tour of the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. Chris had secretly told my friends that he was planning to propose, so that morning they tried to convince me to dress nicer and wear makeup. That is when I should have realized that something was up, but I was just clueless and didn’t listen to them. When we were in the Sistine Chapel, my hand brushed against Chris’ coat pocket, and I thought that I felt a box. That’s when I really should have realized, but honestly, I thought he was just carrying the ring and waiting for a good moment. My thought was, “there is definitely not going to be a good moment today.” I know, clueless. My uncle, Fr. Joe, said that there must be a special kind of grace that keeps women clueless before men propose. When we finally got to St. Peter’s Basilica, Chris was walking around the church super fast. In retrospect, this was probably nerves, but at the time I just thought it must be a guy thing. We walked fast around the basilica twice until I asked Chris if he wanted to leave. He stopped by the main altar, and said that he wanted someone to take our picture. I was thinking, “Why is he being so weird. Just ask someone to take our picture.” Finally he gave his camera to a nice lady, and she took a video as he got down on one knee. The rest was absolutely perfect. He had a whole speech prepared, and the ring fit perfectly. Everyone near us started to clap when I said yes. It was the perfect start to what will be our new life together.

He did good.

Of course, I was just freaking out and completely ecstatic after all this excitement. The rest of the week flew by. We celebrated over dinner and drinks with my friends, and my uncle took us out and spoiled us. I took Chris to several of my favorite churches in Rome, to the Pantheon, to the Colosseum, and to Ostia Antica outside of Rome. We also got a chance to have some engagement photos taken by the Spanish Steps and the Villa Borghese.

It was really hard to say goodbye to my new fiance, and it is hard not to see my family during this time. However, I have been overwhelmed by all the support coming from my friends in Rome and from family overseas. Plus, Rome is a blast! I can’t be homesick for long.

Thank you everyone for your kindness to me and Chris! I can’t wait to share the video and more engagement photos.

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