Falling in Love with Poland (Krakow, Part 3)

20150410_113635 Are three posts too much for one week of traveling? It’s debatable. Hopefully, you haven’t gotten bored of Krakow because I still have more to tell you! I couldn’t resist showing you a few more photos. Plus, I think the photo above is stellar. Another cool place that I toured in Krakow was the famous salt mines. I got to go hundreds of feet underground to see the place where people have been mining salt for centuries. The highlight of the tour was seeing the huge underground chapel where miners would go to mass every morning before they started their work. Everything in the chapel was made out of salt: the altar, the tabernacle, the art carved across the walls. Even the chandeliers were made of salt! My friends challenged each other to lick the walls. Salty.

Underground chapel

The rest of my time in Krakow consisted of simply exploring the city. We rented bikes for an afternoon and went just about everywhere. 20150410_121436

We saw the famous fire breathing dragon… but it was too shy to blow fire for us.
This is a giant cuckoo clock that chimes in the square every hour and has little figure that come out. It reminded me of my grandparents cuckoo clock!
The Wawel Castle, built in the 1300’s
This polish fast food is called Zapiekanki.
This polish fast food is called Zapiekanki.

Poland was a dream come true. The only thing that made me want to come back to Rome was that our hostel was really gross. It smelled horrible, and I was afraid to touch anything. We only paid $12 a night, so we got what we paid for. It’s another fun memory that I will have of traveling as a college student. :) Okay, I promise. That is the last I will write on Poland. Thanks for reading! Lizzie

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