15 Signs that you might be in Rome

You might be in Rome if…

1. Blocking other cars is totally no big deal


2. You eat gelato in place of a regular meal. #noshame


3. You are prepared for rain all day everyday.


4. You risk your life every time you cross the street.

Crossing the street

5. You pass ancient ruins like it’s super casual.

Just a bunch of ruins

6. You are used to having your day interrupted by a random protest.

I give up trying to be on time

7. Public transportation looks like this.

B Line
You can make it if you hold your breath and don’t touch anything.

8. James Bond is filming


9. There is a church on every corner…literally.


10. You find the street performers underwhelming

2015-05-07 18.56.39 (1)

11. You can’t decide who you should buy a selfie stick from


12. This is a proper guard uniform


13. You can actually see the Pope if you try hard enough


14. Everything around you is inspiring


15. …And the view is gorgeous.20150507_17370520150215_103901


Published by Lizzie Lawson

Writer person.

4 thoughts on “15 Signs that you might be in Rome

  1. Awesome. Your posts are just great, Liz. Keep up the wonderful writing. You are soooo talented. Wow. Every one of these make me smile!


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