Beautiful Sardinia


I absolutely cannot believe that I just finished my last weekend abroad. What happened? I don’t know where all the time went. All of a sudden, I have my suitcase out, and I’m already getting ready to make the trek back across the Atlantic. I only have two more full days in Europe then I’ll be gone. That’s a lot to take in.

For my last weekend, four of us girls decided to have a delightful girls weekend on the Italian Island of Sardinia. This was the perfect opportunity to relax on the beach, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and study for finals in a more peaceful environment. I love any excuse to go to the sea. I know that I am still a newbie at the whole salt water thing, but I am loving it! mitaly

We actually traveled to the island by plane, which was an experience in itself. The plane was super tiny, and the flight attendants had to space everyone out to distribute the weight, which was slightly concerning. Other than the fact that we were basically flying in a tin can, when we started to descend to the island, it looked like we were about to land in water. All I could see was blue below us. This is the most freaked out that I have ever been on a plane.

Once we were safely on the Island, we were happy to find a cute little rented apartment waiting for us. It was located right on the coast, so we could see the sea from our window. This was such a treat. The four of us had a blast in the apartment cooking, studying a little, watching chick flicks, and having dance parties. You know, the usual.

One of the really cool things that we discovered in Sardinia was the Flamingo lagoons. Hundreds20150522_18371 edit of flamingos gather in these natural lagoons near the coast. I had never seen flamingos in the wild before, and I was struck by how funny they look with their skinny legs and necks. Right as we were debating about whether or not flamingos can fly, a whole pack of them just took off. It was the weirdest thing. They stick their legs and necks straight out when they fly.

And of course…we went to the beach. We went there three times in one weekend to be exact. We had the entire beach to ourselves because apparently some people think that 70 degrees is too cold for swimming. Not me! I surprised all my friends by being the first one in the water. The water felt amazing. When my hands and feet started to feel numb, I laid in the hot sand and listened to the crashing waves. 20150521_14314020150522_164538

It was a wonderful way to say goodbye to weekends in Italy.

I’ll be home soon!


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