5 Years of Chris and Lizzie

Everything is happening at once, and I am full of emotions. All the good ones.

We booked a wedding venue! It was a very laborious process, but I can hear wedding bells ringing already. When people ask me what the date is, I can finally respond with certainty. It’s getting real, folks. And, get this! The date is one year from yesterday. Yesterday I could not focus on anything without thinking, I am going to be walking down the aisle in a year! Today, it’s even less than a year. The countdown begins. 364 days.

Chris and I just celebrated 5 years of our relationship on July 5th. Lately, we have been thinking so much about the years ahead, and it was nice to spend some time reminiscing about how far we’ve come. From seeing each other everyday in high school, living long-distance through college, and getting engaged in Rome, we have grown up together. Chris has been my closest companion for 5 years. And he’s such a sweetie!

My anniversary gift to Chris was a photo album with memories beginning from when we were 16 years old. I dug pretty deep. I saved tickets and other artifacts from our early days. I even found the diary that I kept as a teenager and cut out the entries about the start of our relationship. Aside from the diary entries being cute and meaningful, it also allows Chris to see the embarrassing evolution of my handwriting.

PicMonkey Collage

Chris also got me a very thoughtful gift. It was a leather-bound journal because he knows that I devour journals like boxes of candy. Now every time I stop to write my random thoughts, I feel like a deep thinker, an intellectual, a professor, or maybe like I’m part of the dead poets society. So distinguished. Plus, the smell of the leather transports me back to Italy. Ah Roma. I love it!!

I have a feeling that year 6 is going to fly by!

Let the wedding plans commence.



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4 thoughts on “5 Years of Chris and Lizzie

  1. Dear Lizzie, i was happy to read your happy post, I felt how happy you are and it made me smile! My sincere congratulations with your wonderful anniversary and date for wedding! Honestly, you story for me is like from a Hollywood film or a very famous book, it’s just amazing. I adore your style of writing, it’s very light and entertaining, You should use your new journal as often as possible and write there everything that comes to your mind and then publish your book. Believe me it’s your cup of tea! You are going to be a well-known writer! And I would like to be the first to get your signature, ok!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so very kind! Hahaha thank you!! I assure you that I am just an ordinary Midwestern girl. I find your message inspiational. Thank you for the encouragement. :)

      Liked by 1 person

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