Summer is pretty much over now, and Chris left for clinicals in North Dakota. Aside from being a little bummed out initially, I’m embracing living alone. It’s great for productivity and independence. Plus, I’m not really alone because I have Zara, who’s cuddling next to me as I type this. Anyway, I think I can handle an update post?

Here are some things I’ve been up to:

  1. I’m Lizzie Lawson now. I changed my last name, legally and otherwise. I thought I was going to keep my own last name after marriage, but I succumbed to the double L’s.
  2. I got published on The Rumpus! I’ve been working on this essay for almost a year? And I’m really proud of it. It’s about college friendships, color auras, and the time my friends and I abused a professor’s house (among other things). It’s not very long, so I hope you give it a read. Disclaimer: I didn’t choose the title (which is pretty typical of online publishing), and I still know and love the girls in the essay. I originally titled the piece, “Auras.” I’m SO PUMPED to be on The Rumpus! I’ve discovered a lot of my favorite writers there, and It’s crazy cool to appear alongside them. Here it is!
  3. In July I had an essay in local lit journal, Whistling Shade. The online edition just recently became available, or if you want, you can probably still pick up free print copies at these places around the Twin Cities. This essay is kind of my baby – it’s about one of my last days in Rome, where I studied abroad for a semester. The piece means a lot to me as I was feeling kind of lost at the time, and finding a poet’s house in Rome felt like discovering something only I would appreciate, like it was meant for just me. I wrote an earlier version of this essay for a college creative writing class, and though it’s still far from perfect, it’s come a long way!
  4. Another essay of mine was recently accepted by literary site, Identity Theory. It’s an essay about my obsession with blogging during my late teens and early twenties. I’ll post a link when it comes out. 
  5. Chris and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary! Wow, I want to write so much about this. I was telling Chris earlier that this anniversary feels so different from our first anniversary when we were still trying to figure out our goals and dreams together. On our first anniversary, we actually took out a notebook and separately wrote down where we hope to be in 5, 10, 15 years, including things like locations, careers, kids, pets, hobbies, and travel, which was a super fun exercise and also taught us a lot about each other’s desires. This year though, I feel comfortable and happy, and we remind each other of our goals everyday. I love our life together: cracking each other up while getting ready in the morning, cuddling with the cat, cooking together, and trying not to let him make me laugh when I’m mad. Chris is my biggest advocate, and I love him so much.

That’s what’s going on with me. I know sometimes it sucks to read other people’s news on social media because it can feel like we’re all comparing ourselves, so just know I’ve been working on this stuff constantly the past two years since undergrad. It hasn’t been easy, and it took a long time to convince myself to take my writing seriously. Above I posted three essay acceptances I got, but I should also say I’ve racked up 72 rejections in the past two years. I mean the piece I got in The Rumpus was rejected 18 times alone. I’m just trying to remind myself that progress is slow and rejection is inevitable.

Much love,





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4 thoughts on “Lately

    1. Lucy! I was thinking the SAME THING. I’ve been meaning to congratulate you on starting your MFA and being a teacher!! We are so lucky we get to do these things!

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      1. I so agree! By the way, I’m absolutely obsessed with the Rumpus piece…. It makes me want to try writing an essay again. You’re an incredible writer, keep going!


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