An Essay About Blogging

Hi there!

I wrote an essay about obsessive blogging that sort of shows my journey into writing. There was a time, maybe around 2013 to 2014, that I thought I wanted to be a hard core blogger person, and I took it very very seriously. The essay is a snapshot into my life at that time: obsessing over page-views, angering people on the internet, ditching friends in order to write, and taking my first creative writing class. It’s a funny one. Is it funny? I think it’s funny. Anyway, it’s up on Identity Theory. I hope you like it!

RIP Blogger Lizzie.


Published by Lizzie Lawson

Writer person.

One thought on “An Essay About Blogging

  1. Hi Lizzie,
    Thanks for sending me your latest publication. I enjoyed it! I am impressed that you can see how much your writing has grown and developed into what it is now.
    Keep on writing!đź’•

    Christine Klaesges

    Christine’s Alterations

    3129 Wilson Street NE

    St. Anthony, Mn 55418




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