First Reading, 2019 Goals, & New Micro-Essay

This past winter I read my writing in public for the first time at local lit mag, Whistling Shade‘s issue launch. They published an essay of mine about Rome and John Keats last summer, so I was invited to be part of the reading. At first I was like ohno, not me, imposter, but IContinue reading “First Reading, 2019 Goals, & New Micro-Essay”

A Week in the Desert: On Mountain Climbing, Fears, and Distractions

Recently, I got to spend a week roaming the desert in Arizona and New Mexico. Chris and I planned this trip as a preemptive anniversary celebration (two months early but that’s what you get when your husband has a graduate school schedule). A hiking trip down south sounded like exactly what I needed to hitContinue reading “A Week in the Desert: On Mountain Climbing, Fears, and Distractions”

Things to Remember About Being a Bride

That being engaged feels a little weird. Because you knew, have known for a while now, that you two would get married, but suddenly now there’s a ring to prove it. Because talking about the prospect of a wedding before the ring seems assumptive and off-limits, but after receiving this piece of jewelry, it’s suddenly okay.Continue reading “Things to Remember About Being a Bride”

100 Things I’ll Remember from 2015 (because I wrote them here…)

My friend, Olivia, mentioned that she was feeling sort of nostalgic lately. This time last year, we were purchasing our plane tickets to Dublin and reserving hostels. We were planning what cities we wanted to go to and what activities we wanted to do. We were already making some mistakes and furiously talking on the phoneContinue reading “100 Things I’ll Remember from 2015 (because I wrote them here…)”