One Book Closes, Another Book Opens

After four months abroad, I thought that I would be excited and anxious to come home, but I was actually disappointed. It felt like I had just gotten used to my surroundings and the culture, and it was already time to go. I spent my last three days in Rome desperately trying to finish upContinue reading “One Book Closes, Another Book Opens”

Study Break! Tiramisu, the Spanish Steps, and Poetry.

This week our study abroad group was stressed out about a big art history project. I couldn’t think of a better way to relieve my stress than to get some tiramisu. I knew of a place close to a metro stop, so I figured that I would explore from there and see where I end up. TheContinue reading “Study Break! Tiramisu, the Spanish Steps, and Poetry.”

15 Signs that you might be in Rome

You might be in Rome if… 1. Blocking other cars is totally no big deal 2. You eat gelato in place of a regular meal. #noshame 3. You are prepared for rain all day everyday. 4. You risk your life every time you cross the street. 5. You pass ancient ruins like it’s super casual. 6.Continue reading “15 Signs that you might be in Rome”

Exploring Rome on my Own

Our study abroad group is together all. the. time. Seriously, we take the same classes; we have community dinner twice a week; we have group weekend trips; and the rest of the time we hangout together because, I mean, we like each other.:) I didn’t expect that I would get to know everyone so well orContinue reading “Exploring Rome on my Own”

Wait… I Actually Have to Go to Class?! (And other horrors)

During orientation, our program director, Dr. Boyle, was very clear; “If anyone tries to persuade you not to focus on your studies, stay away from them.” Okay, so how do I stay away from myself? When classes first started last week, I was in full vacation mode and not ready at all to get in theContinue reading “Wait… I Actually Have to Go to Class?! (And other horrors)”

Rome-ing Around and Getting Lost

This week, I got lost in Rome for the first time, and it was terrifying. I turned the wrong way to get home from the grocery store, and I ended up wandering around Rome all by myself for about two hours. My friends ditched me with all of their groceries in a ripping grocery bagContinue reading “Rome-ing Around and Getting Lost”