Florentine Steak. Enough said.

This past Friday, my uncle, Fr. Joe, and I took a day trip to Florence. You know, because I never have class on Fridays, and Florence is only an hour and a half away if you take a fast train (why would I ever return to “normal” school?). It’s always fun to hang out with myContinue reading “Florentine Steak. Enough said.”

Like a True Pilgrim, Turin and Pisa

I knew for a few weeks that my friends were planning a trip to Turin, but I was reluctant to jump on board. It’s a 7 hour train ride, and the Shroud of Turin was about all we would see before leaving the next morning. I was telling my uncle these excuses when he helpedContinue reading “Like a True Pilgrim, Turin and Pisa”

Exploring Rome on my Own

Our study abroad group is together all. the. time. Seriously, we take the same classes; we have community dinner twice a week; we have group weekend trips; and the rest of the time we hangout together because, I mean, we like each other.:) I didn’t expect that I would get to know everyone so well orContinue reading “Exploring Rome on my Own”

The Best Part was the Smell of Spring, Siena

After all the adventures in Poland, it was nice to just settle down for a week. It’s pretty weird to come “home” from one vacation, in Poland, to another vacation, in Rome. Although it’s hard to be homesick with all the excitement of being in Europe, coming home to Rome isn’t hardly the same. IContinue reading “The Best Part was the Smell of Spring, Siena”

Falling in Love with Poland (Krakow, Part 3)

Are three posts too much for one week of traveling? It’s debatable. Hopefully, you haven’t gotten bored of Krakow because I still have more to tell you! I couldn’t resist showing you a few more photos. Plus, I think the photo above is stellar. Another cool place that I toured in Krakow was the famous salt mines.Continue reading “Falling in Love with Poland (Krakow, Part 3)”

City of Sorrow, City of Hope (Krakow, Part 2)

Hello again! My week in Krakow began beautifully with yummy Polish food, fresh air, and the discovery that I am rich in Poland ($1 = 4 zloty). You can read about these lighthearted excursions here. However, the cheerfulness of our first impressions faded to melancholy as we made the emotional journey back in time to WorldContinue reading “City of Sorrow, City of Hope (Krakow, Part 2)”