100 Things I’ll Remember from 2015 (because I wrote them here…)

My friend, Olivia, mentioned that she was feeling sort of nostalgic lately. This time last year, we were purchasing our plane tickets to Dublin and reserving hostels. We were planning what cities we wanted to go to and what activities we wanted to do. We were already making some mistakes and furiously talking on the phoneContinue reading “100 Things I’ll Remember from 2015 (because I wrote them here…)”

Lahinch, Ireland; A Hidden Gem

Yesterday, our group explored the quiet Irish surf town of Lahinch. To us, the town resembled something out of a movie because it was so quaint and old fashioned. The owners of the hostel that we stayed at were extremely friendly. The friendliness of the Irish locals has been consistently surprised me throughout this trip. They are soContinue reading “Lahinch, Ireland; A Hidden Gem”