100 Things I’ll Remember from 2015 (because I wrote them here…)

My friend, Olivia, mentioned that she was feeling sort of nostalgic lately. This time last year, we were purchasing our plane tickets to Dublin and reserving hostels. We were planning what cities we wanted to go to and what activities we wanted to do. We were already making some mistakes and furiously talking on the phoneContinue reading “100 Things I’ll Remember from 2015 (because I wrote them here…)”

Florentine Steak. Enough said.

This past Friday, my uncle, Fr. Joe, and I took a day trip to Florence. You know, because I never have class on Fridays, and Florence is only an hour and a half away if you take a fast train (why would I ever return to “normal” school?). It’s always fun to hang out with myContinue reading “Florentine Steak. Enough said.”

Meet Me in Florence

Ciao! Here I am back to regular life in Rome after a splendid three-day weekend in Florence. Art history with Dr. Lev brought our group of 30-some college students to Florence to see a whole lot of art. My first reaction to Florence was a sigh of relief. It is a lot cleaner than Rome –theContinue reading “Meet Me in Florence”