A Week in the Desert: On Mountain Climbing, Fears, and Distractions

Recently, I got to spend a week roaming the desert in Arizona and New Mexico. Chris and I planned this trip as a preemptive anniversary celebration (two months early but that’s what you get when your husband has a graduate school schedule). A hiking trip down south sounded like exactly what I needed to hitContinue reading “A Week in the Desert: On Mountain Climbing, Fears, and Distractions”

Things to Remember About Being a Bride

That being engaged feels a little weird. Because you knew, have known for a while now, that you two would get married, but suddenly now there’s a ring to prove it. Because talking about the prospect of a wedding┬ábefore the ring seems assumptive and off-limits, but after receiving this piece of jewelry, it’s suddenly okay.Continue reading “Things to Remember About Being a Bride”