Falling in Love with Poland (Krakow, Part 3)

Are three posts too much for one week of traveling? It’s debatable. Hopefully, you haven’t gotten bored of Krakow because I still have more to tell you! I couldn’t resist showing you a few more photos. Plus, I think the photo above is stellar. Another cool place that I toured in Krakow was the famous salt mines.Continue reading “Falling in Love with Poland (Krakow, Part 3)”

Sea, sunshine, and relaxation at last, Capri

After a lot of strenuous adventures this semester in Rome and other cities in Italy, there was mutual agreement that a girl’s relaxation vacation was needed. I mean, it is spring break! Six of us decided to go to the beautiful island of Capri, which is along the coast of Italy about three hours south ofContinue reading “Sea, sunshine, and relaxation at last, Capri”