100 Things I’ll Remember from 2015 (because I wrote them here…)

My friend, Olivia, mentioned that she was feeling sort of nostalgic lately. This time last year, we were purchasing our plane tickets to Dublin and reserving hostels. We were planning what cities we wanted to go to and what activities we wanted to do. We were already making some mistakes and furiously talking on the phoneContinue reading “100 Things I’ll Remember from 2015 (because I wrote them here…)”

One Book Closes, Another Book Opens

After four months abroad, I thought that I would be excited and anxious to come home, but I was actually disappointed. It felt like I had just gotten used to my surroundings and the culture, and it was already time to go. I spent my last three days in Rome desperately trying to finish upContinue reading “One Book Closes, Another Book Opens”

Beautiful Sardinia

I absolutely cannot believe that I just finished my last weekend abroad. What happened? I don’t know where all the time went. All of a sudden, I have my suitcase out, and I’m already getting ready to make the trek back across the Atlantic. I only have two more full days in Europe then I’llContinue reading “Beautiful Sardinia”

Weekend in Prague

Prague was one of the places that was on my bucket list for Europe, and I was so lucky to get to go. It’s pretty crazy to think that I was just in the Czech Republic. No way! Sometimes it doesn’t register that I am so far away from home. Our travel time took forever becauseContinue reading “Weekend in Prague”

Climb a Mountain (Check!) Cultural Trip to Sorrento and Naples

I had been waiting all semester for this weekend to come, and it exceeded my expectations. This was the weekend that our director, Thanos, planned for us to just relax and experience culture. This “relax” travel concept is very different from when our art history professor takes us on trips that involved starvation and sleep deprivation just soContinue reading “Climb a Mountain (Check!) Cultural Trip to Sorrento and Naples”

Study Break! Tiramisu, the Spanish Steps, and Poetry.

This week our study abroad group was stressed out about a big art history project. I couldn’t think of a better way to relieve my stress than to get some tiramisu. I knew of a place close to a metro stop, so I figured that I would explore from there and see where I end up. TheContinue reading “Study Break! Tiramisu, the Spanish Steps, and Poetry.”