Welcome to Polska! (Krakow, Part 1)

The last time I wrote, I was on a tiny island in the Mediterranean. Now, I took my freshly tanned skin further north to see the beautiful country of Poland where I had an entire week to enjoy the city of Krakow and soak up another new European culture. Poland greeted me with pleasantly coolerContinue reading “Welcome to Polska! (Krakow, Part 1)”

Sea, sunshine, and relaxation at last, Capri

After a lot of strenuous adventures this semester in Rome and other cities in Italy, there was mutual agreement that a girl’s relaxation vacation was needed. I mean, it is spring break! Six of us decided to go to the beautiful island of Capri, which is along the coast of Italy about three hours south ofContinue reading “Sea, sunshine, and relaxation at last, Capri”

Walking in the Footsteps of the Saints, Assisi

Never in my life did I think that I would get the opportunity to visit the city where Saint Francis of Assisi lived. I am astonished to think that I was in the same city as a great saint who was so influential to the Catholic Church. The day was even more perfect because theContinue reading “Walking in the Footsteps of the Saints, Assisi”

Big Dreams in Small Towns, Orvieto

Spring break is finally here! After stressing out all last weekend about an art history midterm that turned out to be just fine, I finally get two weeks to take a vacation from my vacation…wow, I am feeling spoiled right now. :) So far, my impression of springtime in Rome is that it can beContinue reading “Big Dreams in Small Towns, Orvieto”

Meet Me in Florence

Ciao! Here I am back to regular life in Rome after a splendid three-day weekend in Florence. Art history with Dr. Lev brought our group of 30-some college students to Florence to see a whole lot of art. My first reaction to Florence was a sigh of relief. It is a lot cleaner than Rome –theContinue reading “Meet Me in Florence”

Wait… I Actually Have to Go to Class?! (And other horrors)

During orientation, our program director, Dr. Boyle, was very clear; “If anyone tries to persuade you not to focus on your studies, stay away from them.” Okay, so how do I stay away from myself? When classes first started last week, I was in full vacation mode and not ready at all to get in theContinue reading “Wait… I Actually Have to Go to Class?! (And other horrors)”