Rome-ing Around and Getting Lost

This week, I got lost in Rome for the first time, and it was terrifying. I turned the wrong way to get home from the grocery store, and I ended up wandering around Rome all by myself for about two hours. My friends ditched me with all of their groceries in a ripping grocery bagContinue reading “Rome-ing Around and Getting Lost”

Pope Francis in Person

This past Wednesday, I went to St. Peter’s Square to see Pope Francis, in person, at his papal audience. Our whole group of over 30 people woke up early to get to St. Peter’s by 6:00 am, so that we could be first in line to see our Pope. I admit that I didn’t have theContinue reading “Pope Francis in Person”

Lahinch, Ireland; A Hidden Gem

Yesterday, our group explored the quiet Irish surf town of Lahinch. To us, the town resembled something out of a movie because it was so quaint and old fashioned. The owners of the hostel that we stayed at were extremely friendly. The friendliness of the Irish locals has been consistently surprised me throughout this trip. They are soContinue reading “Lahinch, Ireland; A Hidden Gem”

Dublin and Limerick, Ireland

Hello Everyone! I am writing you from our sweet little bed and breakfast in Limerick, Ireland. Our place has a window wall and a balcony that overlooks the Shannon river, which is the longest river in Ireland. This makes for an incredible view, but it also makes our room a little chilly. Thus, I amContinue reading “Dublin and Limerick, Ireland”