06/18/2019: I’m thrilled to have my essay, “First Apartment (St. Paul, 2013),” published by Santa Ana River Review! It’s about roommates, friendship, college girls trying to be adults, and a secret compost.

01/24/2019: Tiny micro-essay alert over at Atticus Review!

Kicking off 2019 with my first ever public reading! Hosted by Whistling Shade on Saturday Jan. 12th at Eat My Words Bookstore in NE Minneapolis. More details here.

10/16/2018: My essay “Blogger Girl,” is on Identity Theory. Click to read about obsessive blogging, writing, and Julie & Julia.

8/20/2018: Today I’m on The Rumpus! My essay, “When We Were Friends,” (originally titled “Auras”) is about college friendships and this personality test I was obsessed with.

7/15/2018: Picked up a copy of Whistling Shade (with my essay in it!) at Common Good Books in St. Paul. WS is distributed for free at local cafes and bookstores around the Twin Cities.

6/13/2018: Just got back from the court house. I am no longer Lizzie Klaesges. My new name is Lizzie Lawson. (Elizabeth Lawson if you are my dad or a telemarketer).

5/04/2018: I wrote about my dad shooting rabbits in our backyard, and it’s on Gravel.

5/01/2018: My horoscope says that 2019 is going to be my Emerald Year, which sounds exciting.

4/28/2018: New website, who this?

2/19/2018: I spent the better part of 2017 working on just one essay. Lizzie, why??Thankful to the editors at Whistling Shade for agreeing to publish it this summer.

12/8/2017: I reviewed Chelsea Martin’s, “Caca Dolce,” over on Brevity. This book was all kinds of weird and delightful, and I just loved it.


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