Flash Creative Nonfiction Generator
Write or Die Tribe
October 27th 5-7 pm EST
Online via Zoom (recorded for those unable to attend live)

Find the Right Form For Your Essay
Writing Workshop Online
October 31st – December 12th (skipping Thanksgiving week)
Fully Online & Asynchronous

Writing Personal Essays About Pop Culture
Write or Die Tribe
January 12th – Feb 16th, 6:30-7:30 PM EST
Online via Zoom (recorded for those unable to attend live)

Past Classes

Introduction to Creative Writing (Fiction, Nonfiction, & Poetry)
The Ohio State University
Spring Semester 2022

Introduction to Creative Nonfiction Writing
The Ohio State University
Spring Semester 2021, Fall Semester 2021


“Lizzie exposed us to so many unique voices/perspectives and always generated a comfortable environment to share our work in. The essay selection was phenomenal.”

“My favorite quote from Lizzie was ‘you don’t have to tell a story only once.’ I can’t explain it well, but it opened a door somewhere in my writer’s mind. I don’t have to be scared I’ll mess up a piece and that memory will be wasted. I can simply start again.”

“The feedback that Lizzie provided was really detailed, constructive, and thorough. You can tell she really cared about making us better writers.”

“I was offered feedback on a very personal essay I wrote for this class—Lizzie was gentle, practical, and helpful in her approach to helping me write and edit this piece. Her advice on other students’ writing also provided a great perspective for a broad range of pieces.”

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